Is asking stupid questions wrong?


3 thoughts on “Is asking stupid questions wrong?

    • I’m thinking that it depends on one’s depth and breath of the working concept of Cosmos. Perhaps you are correct, and perhaps you are not thinking small enough.

      I have to disagree with your ‘beforehand’ analysis.

      I, for one, have frequently asked what I considered to be stupid questions, but only to delve into the psyche of the askee. If I got an equally stupid answer to my stupid question, then my only dilemma was to determine if he/she knew that I knew that I was asking a stupid question in order to determine if they were or were not stupid. Sometimes I could tell right off. Sometimes I had to reply with an even stupider question to evaluate weather or not, at some point, the other person would helplessly start giggling. Then I would know that they were worthy of further conversation.

      On the other hand if the askee returned an intelligent thoughtful reply, I knew immediately to dismiss them for the fool I suspected them to be before the qualifying test.

      In my opinion, and I could be wrong, it is only wrong to ask a stupid question if you don’t know for certain that it is a stupid one and only suspect that it is. But, alas, by function of momentum one will inevitably become the buffoon by asking such a stupid question for lack of insight into our own psyche, combined with our innate propensity to be clever and ask complicated questions thus impressing the young girls in attendance. Hopefully no one will notice.

      Is it then Right or Wrong to ask a stupid question?

      The answer is truly lost in the riddle that is wrapped inside the enigma that is the mystery of the Cosmos.

      Hopefully someone has survived the hallucinogenic journey there and back and give us the Final Answer.

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