The Hanging Boy

The Hanging Boy

The Hanging Boy - Nick Bantock

I was recently introduced to Nick Bantock through his double trilogy of Griffin & Sabine. His works are filled with illustrations of his artwork. The work entitled The Hanging Boy is from The Golden Mean, the third work of the first Trilogy. It is not displayed on his website. This particular work struck me with force. It stirred my imagination and conjured up many thematic motivations behind its construction.

My curiosity led me to a search of the title, which led me to an article of fiction here on WordPress: The Hanging Boy by Tom Upton which I found to be eerily fitting to Nick Bantock’s collage. This revelation led me to set up camp here on

In the collage above there is the image of The Hanged Man from the Tarot Card of the same name combined with The Boy.

It is the look in the eyes of the boy that, for me, is the gateway to many possible stories, perhaps in different timelines of what we know as reality.

In those eyes I see trepidation. Of what? Therein lies the tales.

Join me in an exploration.

What do you see in The Hanging Boy?


One thought on “The Hanging Boy

  1. This answer was posted by Nick Bantock on his blog in response to my inquiry about ‘The Hanging Boy’:

    “The hung boy is frozen in time. Turning on an axis. Haunted by past and future yet willing to face all demons.” NB

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