Go the American Way

Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jeffe...

Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson writing the Declaration of independence (1776) were all of British descent. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Take a deep breath…let it go…he’s gone now…”, someone once said to me about Bush.
It’s the American way. Keep your eye on the misdirection… never mind the facts. Forget about the fact you know of Occam’s Razor: a principle that generally recommends that, from among competing hypotheses, selecting the one that makes the fewest new assumptions usually provides the correct one, and that the simplest explanation will be the most plausible until evidence is presented to prove it false.

Let’s take a trip. You are in a Lounge Show in a Casino in Las Vegas. It is a Magic Show. You have stood in line for an hour and a half, and paid $50 per head to get to your seats, and now you buy some watered down minimum drink required cocktails.
The Grand Finale of the Magicians act is to present an Elephant on stage, a wave of the magicians wand, and in a puff of smoke, you see that the Elephant has disappeared. Part of your brain says, “Wow, the Elephant has disappeared on command!” Another part of your brain says, “Bullshit. Absolute bullshit.” At this point your brain engages in a brief argument with no winner as you are interrupted by you, and the rest of the audience leaving the theater.
Outside someone in line for the next show asks you how the show was. Does your brain allow you to respond that it was a lot of misdirection and bullshit? No. You have too much invested in the INVESTMENT you have made to endure the show. Your answer will be that it was a great show and worth the time and money to see… to say otherwise would reveal you as the fool that part of you knows you are.

During the years leading up to, and through the end of WWII, over 6 million people were murdered by 250 thousand soldiers. Were the victims rounded up at the point of a bayonet and marched off and shot? If so, why did the 6 million not turn on the 250 thousand and murder them instead? Why did the 6 million get in lines and peacefully and knowingly go to their deaths? In EXACTLY the way the Elephant disappeared: Misdirection and deceit… preying upon the humanistic traits of logic, hope, and willingness to cling to life to the last breath.
The 6 million were lead down a cleverly constructed path of steps, with their own cooperative participation in their surrender of all property and eventual extermination by a carefully constructed, well oiled machine of misdirection and deception.
If a people as intelligent and educated as the American people cannot see the EXACT SAME reconstruction of the SAME machinery at work in their own lives, with their own willing participation, then one has to come to the conclusion that they are deserving of the end result.

I see the curtain coming up on the current cycle of the Olympiad of Misdirection and Duplicity and the frighteningly eagerness of the American people to participate in their own rape.

He is gone now? A simple mirage by design. There never was a ‘he’. It was, and always will be a ‘they’. The ‘they’ is the ‘they’ that invented and produced the ‘he’. Each ‘he’ is given the task of instituting another step in the path of the grand design of the ‘they’. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. If you have the balls, sit down and write down the most significant contribution of every ‘he’ back to Eisenhower, save Kennedy who was a hiccup in the process and had to be corrected. If you can establish the dots, then connect them, you cannot help but see a straight line… and see the path into the future. But I doubt if you can risk the self-invalidation and personal investment in the fundamental foundations that define your life.

Knowing the truths that we know as a people and putting them together to form a cohesive picture is a risky proposition. Firstly is the risk of self invalidation. Then there are ‘designed in’ remedies for individuals who dare to speak of the truth. Undermine and disgrace the witness for the prosecution. You know well the mantras: Conspiracy Theory Nut, Crackpot, “If you speak against us, you are for the Enemy”, etc. At any and all costs the ‘they’ must maintain a sufficient majority blindly standing atop the tallest buildings waving the signs reading “Welcome Alien Invaders” and will continue the party until the inevitable blast of energy that consumes them.

It is with heavy heart that I witness the tailgate parties, the standing in line, the filing in the stadium, the excitedly following of the cheerleaders antics, the choosing of sides, and the cheering of the ‘teams’, all the while knowing deep down that the outcome of this latest game of the Olympics of Misdirection and Duplicity, was long ago decided and fixed. I do weep as I see the long lines of grey faces as they file through the appointed places to cast away their intent to an uncaring electronic machine that does only the bidding of the programmer hired by the ‘they’.

There are moments when even I catch my breath from the eloquence of the pageantry. This latest cunning maneuver to appease the scrum upset by the preplanned rape of fortunes amassed by too many commoners in the latest Rape of Wall Street and Markets of the World… for after all it is a game of World Wide play, being concerted by puppeteers in the shadow and mist marching all willingly to an inevitable and inexorable conclusion.
This latest feint of “Let’s throw them off by putting an almost Black Man in the White House and we shall tell them his name is Hope.” was brilliant.

Even I held my breath for a moment. But after the initial fanfare and photo-ops, Hope proceeded to quietly appoint all the Bastards who precipitated and empowered the latest Rape of Wall Street to all the key financial positions in the Government.
There was a long hissing sound as my held breath escaped when faced with the fact that the ‘they’ were still pulling the strings and on schedule in their inexorability.

Being raised and educated in Virginia and having relatives who were signers of both the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, I was imbued at an early age with a sense of ownership and custodianship for these several states United. It was with solemnity that I took my Oath of Allegiance to guard against enemies both foreign and domestic, and to be ever vigilant and always faithful. I feel I have done my best I could possibly could have done in my lifetime, and am content in that regard. Now I am old and retired from the fight, even though there is hope… always hope remains.

Till death do us part.

He is not gone now? He is never gone. There is no he. There is only they and we in the game, and they will win. We will help them.

Alas, hope is such a terrible thing to waste, but alas, it is The American Way.

Just another ‘he’, created by the ‘they’.


Circuitous Karma

Lori is the mother of a High School buddy of mine. She is 91, is a character, and has a full & rich social life. Her Son, my buddy Doug committed suicide 10 years ago, while ‘getting used’ to “anti-depressant” medication. Lori’s Husband died 20 years ago from a heart attack.

Lori and I have been friends for 45 years. We talk at least a couple of times a month. I used to stop by and visit frequently. Lori reads avidly and is a member of a local Book Club of her peers that are rapidly diminishing in number.

One of our recent discussions embraced the phenomenon of ‘Past Lives’, prompting me to send her his first two books on the subject by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.
After reading the first book, Lori called me yesterday to tell me how fascinating she had found it and we discussed the subject matter.

The discussion embraced the story of James Leininger.

“James Leininger’s parents want their 8-year-old son to have a great life — his own life. But for the past 5 1/2 years, the Louisiana boy has been reliving pieces of the life of another James — Lt. James McCready Huston, a World War II fighter pilot from Uniontown, PA who was killed near Iwo Jima more than 50 years before James was born.”

James Leinigner’s story is published in the book: Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot (Of course I have now sent her a copy.)
As James’ story goes, in a former life as Lt. James McCready Huston, USN,  he flew a Corsair Fighter off the USS Natoma Bay, and both he and the Natoma Bay were in the thick of the war against the Japanese from 1943-1945… including being a part of Task Force Taffy II who, being vastly outnumbered in the Battle of Leyte Gulf from 23–26 October 1944 during the US invasion of the  Philippines. During this engagement Admiral Halsey was suckered North by a Japanese diversion with the vast majority of US Naval Forces while a two pronged attack on the US Invasion Forces by the Japanese was barely thwarted by the vastly inferior numbers of remaining US Naval Forces (Task Forces, Taffy I, II, and III). The crucial engagement is known as the Battle Off Samar.

F4U Corsair (1942)


In researching the Natoma Bay, I came upon one of those ironic twists of fate: The EVENTUAL fate of the USS Natoma Bay, as expressed in the last sentence of this little FYI tale…

USS Natoma Bay CVE-62

Sister Ship: USS Sargent Bay (CVE-83)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

USS Natoma Bay (CVE–62) was an Casablanca class escort carrier of the United States Navy.
She was laid down as Begum (MC hull 1099), on 17 January 1943, by the Kaiser Shipbuilding Co., Inc., Vancouver, Washington, under Maritime Commission contract, named Natoma Bay on 22 January 1943; launched on 20 July 1943; sponsored by Lady Halifax, wife of the United Kingdom’s ambassador to the United States; and commissioned on 14 October 1943, Captain Harold L. Meadow in command.

Post-war activities

On 20 June the escort carrier headed for Guam for partial repairs, then continued on to the United States. By 19 August, when she arrived San Diego, the war was over. During September and October she underwent repairs, alterations and general overhaul, after which she reported for duty as an “Operation Magic Carpet” transport. During November and early December she carried servicemen from the Philippines to California, then after detachment, 29 December, she was transferred to the Atlantic Reserve Fleet.

Decommissioning and disposal

Reporting 20 February 1946, she decommissioned 20 May, berthing at Norfolk. In October 1949, she was reassigned to the Boston Reserve Group. Reclassified CVU–62 on 12 June 1955, she was declared unfit for further service in 1958 and her name was struck from the Naval Vessel Register on 1 September.

She was sold on 30 July 1959 for scrap to the Japanese.

All Our Tomorrows

Ten years ago we had:

Steve Jobs
Bob Hope
Johnny Cash

Today we have:

No Jobs
No Hope
No Cash

Yesterday we had:

A glimpse of salvation, but then Obama appointed all the Wall Street criminals to all the key financial positions in the Government.

Tomorrow we have:

An absolute conviction that we are fucked for a long, long, very long time.

What Uncle Sam has our kids doing in Iraq:

Video obtained secretly from within the US Army and decoded by Wikileaks. I never heard of this outfit which has nothing to do with Wikipedia, who has a comprehensive article on them.

These videos are not for kids.
These videos will occupy at least 1/2 hour of your time.
These videos will remain with you forever.
If you have never gone into a War Zone, here is a look through the keyhole.
Two Reuters Reporters doing a story were destroyed by a US Apache Gunship, along with numerous Iraqi civilians and children.
The Reuters Reporters camera was mistaken for a weapon by the Apache crew.
The US Government and Military has taken no accountability, or action, except against the Army Private who leaked the gun-sight video and radio traffic recordings.

Live long and don’t forget to vote.


The Hanging Boy

The Hanging Boy

The Hanging Boy - Nick Bantock

I was recently introduced to Nick Bantock through his double trilogy of Griffin & Sabine. His works are filled with illustrations of his artwork. The work entitled The Hanging Boy is from The Golden Mean, the third work of the first Trilogy. It is not displayed on his website. This particular work struck me with force. It stirred my imagination and conjured up many thematic motivations behind its construction.

My curiosity led me to a search of the title, which led me to an article of fiction here on WordPress: The Hanging Boy by Tom Upton which I found to be eerily fitting to Nick Bantock’s collage. This revelation led me to set up camp here on WordPress.com.

In the collage above there is the image of The Hanged Man from the Tarot Card of the same name combined with The Boy.

It is the look in the eyes of the boy that, for me, is the gateway to many possible stories, perhaps in different timelines of what we know as reality.

In those eyes I see trepidation. Of what? Therein lies the tales.

Join me in an exploration.

What do you see in The Hanging Boy?